When it comes to talking, it’s something I do often. I’d like to say I’m good at it with the outcome of a communications degree (wink wink). Yet I needed a place to let my creative juices flow. A place to talk about issues and topics to others who may be going through the same thing, or just want to listen to me (why wouldn’t you *hair flip*) LOL, kidding. I know my small circle gets tired of me talking (or maybe not because our convos are more than skin deep) BUT, here we are. There’s a lot I’ll be touching on, in terms of life, dating and relationships, traveling, daily issues, and all around wellness. Sometimes I may get carried away and write a paragraph that will seem more like a book, but I’ll try to keep it to a minimum because yes — I do ramble. I hope you are willing to keep an open mind, find my posts relatable, or even learn something. I’ll keep it 100, and also keep it lovely.

Peace & Blessings.

Olivia Alexis

Jersey raised millennial, working in Corporate America spreading love, light and insight.

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