Caring for yourself is something we tend to steer away from because we often end up caring for another person more than ourselves (which is a no-no). It may seem to come naturally for most of us, myself included. We also (as women) tend to rely on someone else for our happiness or let another person have control of our mood/energy (another no-no). I had the time to really sit down and think about this because I had recently let someone alter my own mood by them not being present in my life. That is something I wanted to work on and change immediately because I am NOT going to let anyone else be in control of ME. I’m a physical kind of person, that being said – I pulled out my journal and made a list. A list of things to get done in order to get me out of this ‘energy funk‘. My daily meditation wasn’t working the way I wanted it to, let me just throw that in there. So now honey, the list.

I wrote down things I wanted to do more often, and things that ultimately made me happy. I also wrote down things I wanted to manifest for the year. From there I went to Pinterest and began to make vision boards for almost everything (because you can really get carried away on Pinterest). I joined a weekly yoga class to help relax and get me out of the house (which by the way was the best decision I’ve made this year). I added a face mask into my daily skincare routine (which can get really annoying when you come home from work and just want to sprawl out on your bed) BUT I made it happen. Lastly, I began to read and listen to podcasts more. Reading for me can sometimes be hard. Not hard as in “I can’t read” LOL, I just tend to find myself getting extremely tired when reading after work or when I first wake up in the morning. Which is why I decided to go the Podcast route. I began listening to informative podcasts that you can be entertained with but also gain knowledge simultaneously.

So that actually wasn’t the last thing (oops) but, I started to apply the “Screen Time” feature on my iPhone to help me manage my time on Social Media. As millennials, we are addicted to our phones and devices. There’s no way around it. So spending less time on social media is number one on my list. Which can be hard when you’re extremely active on social media or if you’re an influencer (because that’s your job sis). Minimizing your time on social media and filling that space with some form of productivity will make a huge difference. Make use of the screen time feature!

Sticking to these small changes have really altered my life in a positive way because 1. I’m so much happier, internally happy, without relying on someone to make me happy and 2. My skin is glowing honey! You can never go wrong when you’re glowing because that just adds to the happiness. You feel good when you look good! Thus, if you take anything from this post, ask yourself if you’re happy. If the answer is no, change it. I understand we all have “one of them daysss” *Monica voice* but as for overall happiness, try something different and get out of your comfort zone. Don’t forget how important your mental health is and how important YOU are.

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”

― Dalai Lama XIV

Peace & Blessings 


Olivia Alexis

Jersey raised millennial, working in Corporate America spreading love, light and insight.

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