Ladies, the obstacles of womanhood are far more than break-ups, child bearing, bra shopping, or finding the right companion. Besides trying to break the glass ceiling, make six figures, build a business, and possibly write a book – we all have that ONE disturbance (no, I’m not talking about a man), but Mother Nature. Something so taboo, but why? Why are menstrual cycles, methods of birth control and pap-smears so hush-hush? I mean seriously, we all get (or have gotten) a menstrual cycle and most of us have a “lady doctor“.

Taking care of yourself downstairs is something you should ALWAYS be concerned about. Whether if everything looks clear, but especially if things are starting to get funky sis. Not only should you be the one checking things out, but so should your OBGYN. On average, it’s recommended that a woman should get her ‘check-up’ about every 2-3 years or so.

Something we tend to ignore that I just came across about 8 or 9 months ago is organic pads/tampons. We tend to use those brands that we see on commercials like Always or Tampax – but have you read what they’re made out of? Honey. After doing my own research, I switched to organic products IMMEDIATELY. It doesn’t take me long to realize that something is clearly bad for my body and toxic. Yes, we’ve been using it for years – but do you see how many women are suffering from cervical cancer, infertility, and hormone disruption? Our lymph nodes are open to all of those chemical fibers that pads/tampons are made with and we are literally putting them inside of us. Especially the one ingredient that rubbed me the wrong way, bleach. Yes, bleach. Now other than it being completely terrible, I thought “hmm, does this have an effect on my overall symptoms?”. I personally have always gotten terrible cramps and pains, once switching over to organic cotton pads/tampons – I’ve noticed a huge change. Now I’m not saying I don’t get cramps (because I still have to pop an Aleve on day 1) but it has subdued my pain tremendously along with regulating my cycle. This post isn’t to convince you to switch to organic pads but to make you aware of what you are putting into/near your body and lymph nodes. The same thing goes for deodorant (but that’s another post). Do your research and figure out if this is something you want to continue to ride out with. The bleach was enough for me to switch – it wasn’t easy for many reasons. One being that the brand Always is in every store, while organic pads are not. Sometimes you just have to find your hook up, mine happens to be Target. The brands I recommend (especially for my heavy friends) is a brand called L. and a more common brand Nature’s Promise. The thing about L. is that you can order online, in-store, and even have a monthly delivery set up (which is pretty dope). Again, not trying to convince you – just trying to make sure you are aware of what you put down there.

Not only does this go for pads, but feminine wipes, washes, and soaps are also SUPER important. Your PH should always be a concern (which can be affected by what you eat as well). Check ingredients on labels, don’t use those super scented soaps, douches, and washes down there, that’s a no-no (hello yeast). Nobody wants a fishy, unhealthy, contaminated Yoni – nor a Yoni that is prone to more issues and diseases. Check labels, research, and switch to something that is Yoni friendly. You’ll feel better, and be thanked by your future self.

“I have a brain and a uterus, and I use both.”

Patricia Schroeder

Peace & Blessings,

L. Organic Cotton & Chlorine-Free Pads, Regular Absorbency with Ultra Thin Design

Olivia Alexis

Jersey raised millennial, working in Corporate America spreading love, light and insight.

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