My name is Olivia Alexis and I’m the mastermind behind Talk Lovely, a playground for all of the creative scenarios that go on in my mind (and in real life). I wanted to create a setting for ladies (and fellas) to read, relate, and retain new information. Whether if it’s about politics and media, holistic health and skincare, traveling and city life, and of course relationships and girl talk. Sometimes we all need that one girlfriend to tell it like it is, or give you some enlightenment, which is the goal here honey! I’m a recent grad with a burst of creativity working M-F in Corporate America, so I didn’t have a source to really release all of this build up. Ahh, but here we are. I’m hoping you stay tuned and become apart of my community!

Peace and Blessings, Much Love



When it comes to talking, it’s something I do often. I’d like to say I’m good at it with the outcome of a communications degree (wink wink). Yet I needed a place to let my creative juices flow. A place to talk about issues and topics to others who may be going through the same thing, or just want to listen to me (why wouldn’t you *hair flip*) LOL, kidding. I know my small circle gets tired of me talking (or maybe not because our convos are more than skin deep) BUT, here we are. There’s a lot I’ll be touching on, in terms of life, relationships, traveling, daily issues, politics/news, and all around wellness. Sometimes I may get carried away and write a paragraph that will seem more like a book, but I’ll try to keep it to a minimum because yes — I do ramble. I hope you are willing to keep an open mind, find my posts relatable, or even learn something. I’ll keep it 100, and also keep it lovely.

Peace & Blessings.