I’ve been feeling off balance lately, more so on a roller-coaster. Career-wise, emotionally, and spiritually. Getting thrown off balance can make you feel more anxious than usual, you may be wanting to isolate yourself and just sleep, or you may even be falling into a slight state of depression. Doing so, we don’t realize how […]

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Caring for yourself is something we tend to steer away from because we often end up caring for another person more than ourselves (which is a no-no). It may seem to come naturally for most of us, myself included. We also (as women) tend to rely on someone else for our happiness or let another […]

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When it comes to talking, it’s something I do often. I’d like to say I’m good at it with the outcome of a communications degree (wink wink). Yet I needed a place to let my creative juices flow. A place to talk about issues and topics to others who may be going through the same […]

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